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Main Features

Financial Management and Inventory Management Software

Financial resources are the lifeblood of a business. Merco accounting and inventory management software provides up to the minute information, no batch processing required using modern business intelligence to present reports for easy interpretation.

Merco provides full financial management capability including the processing of all normal accounting transactions with full integration and integrity, processing of financial reports and also capabilities such as processing foreign exchange transactions. Merco is also comprehensive inventory management software giving you full control of your stock. Drill down capability allows users to easily access more detail from any general ledger account. Financial information is fully integrated to Merco's web based CRM software.

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General Ledger - With up to 9 levels or segments it is possible to configure the Chart of Accounts to suit most reporting requirements, compare actual, budgets, previous periods, etc. With the revolutionary branch accounting design, each branch can have its own separate Chart of Accounts. Branch Level reports are generated easily on screen or simply export to Excel for further manipulation of data.

Multiple Companies/Business Units & Branches - Run an unlimited number of Companies/Business Units with each Company/Business Unit having an unlimited number of branches. With Profit and Loss statements per Company/Business Unit vital business information will always be at hand. Use the integrated inventory management software to control stock between branches and business units.

Banking - Easily manage multiple Bank accounts and complete quick reconciliations reducing time in allocating payments.

Fully integrated time management – Time sheet transactions automatically posted to jobs and customers at customer specific rates, work-in-progress reports readily available for managing and controlling time, write-offs and invoicing. Link expense claims to customers for easy recovery of disbursements.

Foreign Currency Management - Merco easily handles international trading including posting transactions at daily or month-end rates.

Pricing control – Customer pricing can be controlled by price lists (or price bands) or by special pricing arrangements and discounts that may be allowed at times.

VAT/GST – Configure different rates by country or by state. Reporting - Publish Reports to Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, Open Office.

Reporting tools built in - Users have the ability to use Grids, Cubes and Screen/Paper based reports. Class leading reports and exporting features are available at your fingertips using expertise gained from nearly 20 years of providing international business intelligence solutions. Inventory management software allows you to monitor stock.

Modifying Entries - Merco makes the process of reversing an error, simple by simply select UNPOST to have the reversal done instantaneously.

Inventory Management Software - comprehensive stock management tools

CRM Integration - financial information integrated to Merco web based CRM software

Great Features:
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Chart of accounts
  • Fixed financial period or date based
  • GL pivoting
  • Multiple bank accounts
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Multiple receipts
  • Recurring transactions
  • Wage payments
  • Inventory management software
  • Web based CRM software integration

    HR Management

    Build a comprehensive employee database with the analysis and reporting tools to successfully manage and plan allocation of human resources using Merco.

    Handling appointments (and terminations), qualifications and other biographical details, leave, time recording and expense claims all in one place.

    Utilise skill levels to manage staff, keep contracts, CVs and other documents where they can be found easily. Use Merco to advertise vacancies internally or publish these to a website.

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    Time Management - The Merco time sheet was designed with speed and ease of use in mind and provides comprehensive time management for projects and jobs. Time summaries can easily be reviewed for projects and jobs, staff utilisation and productivity can be calculated. The product includes a range of Analytical options including Data Cubes and Grids allowing easy review and manipulating never seen before!
    Merco is online so staff can enter time working from sites or view project data when needed. For users in remote areas that cannot get internet access, offline timesheet entry is an option. The Merco web based CRM software displays all time allocated to a customer.

    Leave Planning - Merco Leave Planning delivers automated management of the organisations leave register and manages employee leave with proper work flow and authorisation, simplifying procedures. Employees access leave requests and approvals online. Leave Planning is managed completely within Merco ERP business software reducing administration time, maintaining accurate and timely leave information.

    Great Features:
    • Personnel files
    • Detailed employee information
    • User defined classifications
    • Project driven charge rates
    • Employee leave application
    • Staff availability
    • Disbursements
    • Payments
    • Recurring transactions
    • Wage payments
    • Web based CRM software captures staff time

    Customers, Contacts and Campaign Management (Web Based CRM Software)

    Merco Software Intelligence's web based CRM software as an integral part of the solution, total customer management from Contacts to Campaign Management is delivered in one application.

    Merco's powerful web based CRM software provides complete control, enabling management of customers and contacts. Set up customer classifications and statuses allowing intelligent searches and structuring of marketing campaigns, acknowledging contacts that cannot be emailed. All customer transactions are seamlessly integrated to the general ledger and other business areas within Merco's web based CRM software saving time and providing up to the minute information for decision makers.

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    Customers - View all interactions with customers and contacts, contracts, transactions, projects, etc.
    Create user defined fields to describe customer features, set up follow-ups, email connections and link to account managers.

    Being web based CRM software, sales representatives can even access remotely using PDAs or other phones to manage interactions taking place in the field. Get up-to-date customer management anywhere, most mobile devices with a web browser can access the system and easily look up customer contact details or enter interactions.

    Merco web based CRM software has a unique way of handling customers across multiple business units and branches makes customer management effortless.

    Transactions - Customer quotes, orders, invoices and all customer transactions are easily accessible from the customer management screens via web based CRM software.

    Point of Sale - Point of sale capability extends the number of ways you can interact and transact with your customers all within the one integrated system.

    Online Customer access - Allow customers to login to Merco (subject to proper authorisation) to register issues with projects, jobs or any matter thereby creating a proper trail and increasing customer service levels.

    Email Integration - Merco web based CRM software works with popular applications such as Microsoft Outlook allowing emails to be sent directly from the CRM through the email system. Scheduled tasks and reminders set in Merco are also delivered directly to the relevant employees inbox. Complete email campaigns such as newsletters can be created and run using the in-built campaign functionality  by interfacing Merco web based CRM software with the existing company email software.

    Inventory Management Software - Inventory integrated to Merco web based CRM software see who has purchased each stock item

    Great Features:
    • Campaign mail
    • Contacts
    • Correspondence
    • Customer types
    • Group customers
    • Interactions (marketing and accounting)
    • Issue register
    • Pricing categories
    • Product usage
    • Share between branches and business units
    • User defined classifications
    • Point of sale
    • Quote's
    • Orders
    • Invoice
    • Receipt
    • Credit notes
    • Rebates
    • Refunds
    • Inventory management software integration
    • Web based CRM software
    Easily Process Customer Related Transactions:
    • Quotes
    • Orders
    • Invoices
    • Credit notes
    • Receipts
    • Rebates
    • Refunds
    • Point of sale

          Supplier Management

          Have complete control of supplier accounts with Merco supplier manager integrated across the system to ensure you have a clear picture of the goods and services to be delivered to you and what you owe suppliers. Merco inventory management software also tracks each supplier interaction for each stock item.

          With the unique sharing of suppliers across multiple Companies/Business Units & Branches it takes the frustration out of supplier management. Manage multiple relationships/contacts and suppliers to ensure quick and effective communication with Merco and it's inventory management software.

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          Great Features:
          • Group suppliers
          • Supplier types
          • Contacts
          • User defined classifications
          • Pricing categories
          • Correspondence
          • Detailed information shared between branches
          • Inventory management software supplier tracking
          Easily Process Supplier Related Transactions:
          • Purchase orders
          • Goods received
          • Invoices
          • Payments
          • Credit notes
          • Refunds
          • Bulk supplier payments

          Product Management

          With Merco inventory management software product management is made easy with pictures and images that can be uploaded, different size and measurement dimensions and configurations such as length, width, volume, units and many others that can be handled. Our inventory management software allows multiple users from multiple locations access to product information. Importing stock is made easier with comprehensive multi-currency capability. Merco web based CRM software also shows at a glance all products purchased by a selected customer.

          Product pricing can be controlled by time period, by customer or by bands. Manage maintenance agreements for products, with Merco when invoicing a product the maintenance is automatically loaded for you, saving time on setting up maintenance contracts. In additional to this when a product is invoiced the item is automatically linked to the customer's record using our inventory management software.

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          Merco inventory management software allows maintenance of multiple suppliers for each product, with their own order details, such as discounts and lead times giving accurate information enabling informed business decisions. Quickly review supplier and customer invoices from the product record along with tracking price changes. 

          Easily manage Bill of Materials for assembled products with this functionality available for all products stocked in Merco inventory management software. Assign individual codes to each product and track these with a full audit trail. Drill-down on products for more detail and access powerful reporting tools to optimise product management. Stock items are fully customisable allowing the creation and management of non-stock items such as consulting time and labour with our inventory management software.

          Great Features:
          • Analysis
          • Branch / location movements
          • Sharing between branches
          • Bill of materials
          • Adjustments
          • Serialised tracking
          • Supplier prices
          • Customer prices
          • Pictures
          • Pricing categories
          • Attachments
          • Powerful inventory management software
          • Integration to Merco web based CRM software

            Operations and Job Costing

            Gain full control of the operations of the business, with Merco delivering management of projects down to job or task level. Merco is designed to manage operations of a job focused or project focused organisations, managing progress, work-in progress and billing, linking staff and other resources. As Merco is a web-based fully integrated solution all information is always up to date and delivered in real time. Project management links with inventory management software to track resources used. Using the Merco web based CRM software, projects undertaken for a selected customer can also be seen at a glance.

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            A key feature of Merco operations is the flexibility available when building a project to have an unlimited number of jobs and sub jobs with inherent hierarchy. Hierarchies can be built according to the specific requirements of the job, even copied from a previous job. Manage Project Budgets vs Actuals quickly and easily from one screen From this Merco delivers financial and operational analysis, from the project level down to the individual task that make up each of the jobs and projects.

            Using Merco highly detailed information can be recorded, tracked and easily displayed to help managers to make better business decisions. For nearly 20 years Cortell Group has been delivering class leading business intelligence software and this knowledge has been used to develop the reporting capability. Comprehensive reporting and data manipulation features have been designed to help make business operations easier and more effective.

            Great Features:
            • Projects
            • Tasks
            • Jobs
            • Task bill of materials
            • Project budget and planning
            • Project classifications
            • Work in progress
            • Productivity analysis
            • Integration to web based CRM software

            Project Planning

            Merco facilitates Project planning as it takes into account staff commitments and project requirements to plan a quarter at a time. Project planning is displayed in weekly buckets.

            A full manufacturing management module is planned with inventory management software integration. Most of the building blocks are already in place such as links to sales orders, works order, jobs and projects.

            More Features:

            • Graphs / grids / cubes
            • Login tracking
            • Track issues for projects / jobs /tasks / invoices and products.
            • Jobs
            • Multiple attachments / notes
            • Knowledge base
            • ERP business software user customisability
            • Email history
            • Full security ERP business software
            • Cost effective ERP business software
            • Export to CSV, Tab, XML, Excel, HTML
            • Reporting in PDF, Word, Excel, HTML
            • Custom group-able grids
            • Inventory management software integration
            • Integration to web based CRM software
              Featured Customer
              "The one thing we liked about Merco is that it literally future-proofed us."
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