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Technology Used in Merco ERP System

The Merco ERP system has been designed under the Microsoft framework .Net 2.0 with MS-SQL database back end. Merco financial software is an easy to use accounting package that works with Microsoft Office applications such as Excel and Word. This enables us to provide notifications via Microsoft Office Outlook, Direct export of data to Microsoft Office.

Merco ERP system is compatible with MS SQL 2000, 2005 & 2008 and Jasper Reports, an Open Source Java reporting. It makes extensive use of Gauges, Graphs, Data Cubes and Grids to display information enabling users to easily analyse and find information.

Importing files can be done from Flat file (comma, tab, pipe, semicolon, colon separated values), Excel, Other SQL Database. Export to Excel, Word, HTML, XML, flat file (comma, tab, pipe, semicolon, colon-separated values) from the Merco ERP system.

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Why SQL?

Reliability, Data Integrity, Performance, Network Speed, and Scalability are reasons SQL is used as a foundation for Merco ERP system. SQL is an industry standard providing accessibility to 3rd party products and enabling strong reporting tools and connectivity to other Microsoft products.

SQL stands for "Structured Query Language" A "Query" on a database is basically a search. On certain types of databases, a user can search by any number of criteria (for example by name, date, last name, etc, etc). SQL is the language that these queries take the form of.

SQL is a recognised standard language designed to organise, manage, and retrieve data from a database. SQL is essentially a programming language for relational databases, and over the past decade SQL Server has consistently delivered an reliable, scalable, cost-effective data management platform.

The SQL language and relational database systems based on it are one of the most important foundation technologies in the computer industry. Over the last two decades, SQL has grown from its first commercial use  and SQL stands today as the standard computer database language. Literally hundreds of database products now support SQL, running on computer systems from mainframes to personal computers and even handheld devices.

Virtually every major ERP system relies on SQL for its data management, and SQL is at the core of the database products from Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM, the three largest software companies in the world. SQL is also at the heart of open-source database products that are helping to fuel the popularity of Linux and the open-source movement.



Featured Customer
"We're very happy with the service. Right from the start, Merco have been there whenever we've needed them."
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