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Version History
Version Number: V4.3.12.0        Version Date: 26 November 2010
Added Bank Statement import to Account Reconciliation.
Added a new Merco Win Application which also includes a new Point of Sale module.

Added new screen for creating multiple jobs/tasks in 1 step
Allow edit of total on No Stock Invoice
GST Return report is now available.
Made improvements to Account product detail, supplier refund, payer/payee and contact update screen
Improved recurring transaction so that it can keep the original setting or the setting for the last transaction used.
Version Number: V4.3.10.0        Version Date: 27 August 2010

It is now possible to set a profit margin for a product based on the cost rather than specifying a sell price of the product.
Improved the Other Payment Screen so that it will auto-filled the remaining amount to a payment with a double-click.
If there is only 1 availabe supplier with the product changing the price of a supplier invoice will update the cost price of the product.
Version Number: V4.3.8.0        Version Date: 03 June 2010
Merco now supports negative inventory.

Improved browser compatibility.
Product Branch Link: A search feature was added. Paging was not working and has been fixed. Added feature to swap branches.
Add Product: Work process has been improved. Full keyboard support.
WIP Report: Can report by Business Unit, Branch, Account, Project, Job, and Task.
Supplier Invoice: When posting a supplier invoice with a differing amount to the goods received note, the system will do a stock value adjustment.
Bulk Supplier Payment: This screen has now been added. Allows a user to pay multiple suppliers in one payment.
Version Number: V4.3.7.0        Version Date: 11 May 2009
Made bank deposit be able to post to other branch’s gl account.
Made Serial number editable for credit note
Added Branch Receiving Money to receipt screen
Made journal entry be able to create a transaction to multiple branches.
Upgraded 3rd party grid controls.
Added Create filter button to all grids.
Made inventory movement be able to do branch movement.
Added a rounding textbox to refund screen.  
Made supplier invoice have same keypress event on serial number as goods received.
Made point of sale be able to use a credit note that has been applied to another point fo sale as a deposit.
Changed inventory list reports to have total and order by product code.
Changed Debtors/Creditors statement to an address and have more of an Invoice Layout
Added customer balances to transactional screens Quote, Order, Invoice, Invoice NS and POS
Added Supplier Refund Screen
Added task detail and follow up detail to overview screen.
Added Category column for Rebate Classification 1
In transactional screens, fix the layout of the ship and bill address
Changed product price to 4 decimal places.
Added address to point of sale.
Added save/load view to rebate analysis
Added Business Unit, Branch and Customer to Rebate Analysis Screen.
Added Category Filter and Search Textbox to Event Editor Screen
Added transaction stats to overview screen.
Added preview button to campaign mail screen.
Increased performance of prepare invoice screen.
Added tagged customer contact details to overview screen
Version Number: V4.3.6.0        Version Date: 05 April 2009

With the introduction of some major features in the previous version a number of improvements have been made.

Merco has gained some new features as well and they are:    

•  User Defined Report Layouts
•  Purchase Orders
•  Automatic Product Linking to Suppliers

The improvements are detailed in the full point release notes found on the right of this page.
Version Number: V4.3.5.0        Version Date: 17 March 2009
Description:This release see's the introduction of several key features, Merco now has complete Inventory Management covering all the usual features expected but with Serial number tracking and Multiple Inventory locations. This brings us one step closer to releasing our manufacturing module.

Merco now has a new Cube view for all General Ledger transactions which has all the same great features of the time sheet Cube but it’s now possible to compare financial information across all business units and branches easily and quickly.

• Inventory Management – Stock Control – Serial number Tracking - Multiple Inventory locations
• General Ledger Cube
• Correspondence – Attach transactions such as quotes and invoices
• Rebate Module – Suppliers and Customers
• Consolidated Debtor Statement
Version Number: V4.3.4.0        Version Date: 11 February 2009
In this point release the introduction of a New Financial overview giving quick access to key information. A new financial period comparison reports provides easy comparison on previous year’s performance.

New Financial overview
New Personnel birthday reminder
New financial period comparison report

A number of the screens have been improved to give better performance for the user.

Several corrections have been made to ensure all screens perform 100%
Version Number: V4.3.3.0        Version Date: 22 January 2009
We have rebranded Merco for this point release and lunched a new logo and color scheme.

What does Merco stand for?

Merco Software Intelligence was derived from “Commercio” the Italian term for business and our desire to create a modern and effective software tool empowering managers to manage their organisation intelligently.  

It applies forward thinking to every business event, the transactions, the business implications, the analytics required and the communication, ensuring this is recorded with accuracy and business is done as effectively as possible.

This release is the introduction of a compressive help menu along with a range minor updates and corrections following major improvements made in V4.3.2.0.
Version Number: V4.3.2.0        Version Date: 16 January 2009
We have received a number of requests ranging from remote PDA access to suggestions for increase speed and usability.

We have already upgraded your user and help menu so you can now use all the new features.

• Ability to log time and get full customer details from phone with web browsers.

• Customer management screen
• Contact management screen
• Contact Update screen
• Merge customer screen


Several new screens have been create that are the same as the original except with a basic grid in order to speed up responses.

The current screens with the advanced grid are still there. The difference in the new screens is limited functionality. There is no grouping, searching or sorting. This is to decrease loading time and data usage.
Featured Customer
"The one thing we liked about Merco is that it literally future-proofed us."
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